Air Operator Certificate

Any operator conducting commercial air transport operations needs an Air Operator Certificate (AOC). Specific approvals may be required and will then be listed on the Operations Specifications.

Air Operator Certificate

For any commercial air transport operations


Aircraft operator with its Principal Place of Business (PPB) in Guernsey. The Air Navigation (Bailiwick of Guernsey)(Air Operators’ Certificate) Regulation, 2016 defines PPB.

  • The certification process for an AOC follows the ICAO five-phase process.
  • The AOC is of unlimited duration. The operator is subjected to a continuing surveillance programme.
Specific approvals

Subject to area and type of operations, as specified by the applicant


Commercial air transport operators

  • 2-REG issues, on request, the following approvals:
    • EDTO
    • RVSM
    • MNPS
    • PBN: RNP AR APCH and RNP 0.3 for helicopters
    • LVO
    • LVTO
    • Short Landing
    • Steep Approach
    • EFB
  • Each Specific Approval is valid for three years