Guernsey’s Director of Civil Aviation issues first Air Operator Certificate

Tuesday 24 May 2016


Today, the Director of Civil Aviation of Guernsey handed over the first Air Operator Certificate to Volare Aviation GSY Ltd (Volare), a Guernsey-based air operator of Challenger corporate jets. This was done at the corporate aviation show EBACE in Geneva.

An Air Operator Certificate (AOC) allows an air operator to carry passengers or cargo for remuneration, in other words commercial air transport. Airlines need an AOC, but corporate aircraft owners who wish to charter their aircraft or offer public transport also need an AOC. Volare falls in the second category.

Whilst the authority for issuing the certificate rests with the Director, the certification work itself is performed by SGI Guernsey Ltd. which does business as 2-REG.

The introduction of this new service places 2-REG in a unique position as off-shore provider of aviation registration and safety certification services.

‘We are extremely pleased that we are able to offer commercial air transport certification for our clients and believe this new capability will further enhance our service portfolio’,

said Joost Groenenboom, 2-REG Director.

The possibility for Guernsey issuing an AOC was created as recent as last March, when the government of Guernsey passed the necessary legislation.