Signing off maintenance at a remote location

Question; Can 2-REG allow a one person (licenced engineer) to sign off maintenance at a remote airfield?

2-REG answer: Yes we can and have validated individual engineers to sign off the aircraft. They require a GAR 66 licence validation that permits line maintenance etc. to be carried out and then a GAR 43 extension that extends the CRS scope of required.. We have done this for aircraft out of Malaysia. The route that we prefer is the GAR 145 route but this is not always possible so the validation is a backup route for CRS.

Part 145 validation for specific aircraft and engine combinations

Question: the Part 145 has an approval for the aircraft type but not for the engine type, i.e. they can perform maintenance on B747 with P&W engines BUT the not aircraft have RR engines. If the aircraft is under 2REG, can 2REG accept this organization to perform the work on the aircraft?

2-REG answer: When we validate a maintenance organisation we ‘accept’ everything within the scope of approval of their host approval (e.g. EASA). However, we cannot validate what is beyond that. So, in this case, when the combination 747+RR is not in their scope of approval, it will not be covered by our validation. If the part 145 decides to extend their EASA scope of approval to that airframe-engine combination and then once the scope of approval has formally been extended it will be included in the 2-REG validation as well.

Permit to Fly (PtF)

Question: Can 2-REG accommodate ferry flight permits?

2-REG answer: Guernsey offers two kinds of flight authorisations: the Certificate of Airworthiness (CoA) and the Permit-to-Fly (PtF). Prior to issue of either, an airworthiness survey is conducted. When that survey indicates that the aircraft is airworthy, a CoA will be issued. When an aircraft is not airworthy but an assessment indicates that the aircraft can be safely flown, a PtF may be issued for a limited number of flights and per conditions resulting from the safety assessment. (ref: GAR21 Subpart P)

Part out aircraft

Question: Would it be possible to register an aircraft onto the 2-REG for part out?

2-REG answer: Yes, we’ve registered aircraft for part out only. It should be borne in mind that parts removed from an aircraft registered in Guernsey may not be eligible for installation on aircraft registered elsewhere, unless send through the shop for EASA/FAA or other authority overhaul/repair and certification.
Keeping the aircraft on a register keeps the option open to bring the aircraft back into service in case of a sale or new lease.

Export to another authority

Question: Can the aircraft be easily transferred back into EASA, or another authority?

2-REG answer: Yes, the 2-REG Export Certificate of Airworthiness (ex-CofA) is accepted by all other aviation authorities with one exception. Only China does not accept aircraft from states with which it has no bilateral or working arrangement. No such bilateral or working arrangement between China and Guernsey exists nor is it contemplated at this stage.

Technical Coordinator

Question: What are the criteria for becoming a Technical Coordinator?

2-REG answer: A Technical Co-ordinator can be an individual or a CAMO company. A main difference is that a Technical Co-ordinator will only be validated for an individual aircraft whereas the CAMO validation will encompass the entire scope of approval of the CAMO. For Technical Co-ordinator criteria, guidance is provided in GAC 39-1.

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